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Custom tailored suit from 159 000 Ft

Esküvői 5 részes öltöny 239 000 Ft-tól

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Why choose the Budapest Suit House?

We have 20 years of professional experience, and in the words of our customers, "the professionalism" they have experienced when choosing their suits is beyond words. We take great care to ensure that the suit they choose, whether it is a ready-made suit or a tailor-made suit, is a perfect match for the wearer. We don't compromise on that, because for us it's a profession, not just a sale.

In our suit store, combining shop and salon, we offer a range of ready-to-wear styles from world brands, as well as tailor-made suits to meet individual needs.


How to arrange a quality suit

We advise you to first search the internet for styles that inspire you and make a note of them.

During your first orientation (personal meeting) we will explain to you (free of charge) the production quality of our suits, the options available. We will advise you on demand, show you the right choice of fabrics. We will then give you a price estimate.

If you are satisfied with our range and our services, make an appointment for a sizing! Here we will take your exact measurements, discuss the finishing touches and any accessories you may need. This appointment also takes place in our salon and lasts approximately 1 hour. After taking the measurements and defining the style, we will start the production of the garment, which takes 4-6 weeks, depending on the material and capacity.

An appointment will be made upon receipt of the garment. If everything is in order, the garment is ready to be picked up and taken away. If there are any deformations on the body or clarifications are needed, 1-3 days are required. You will then have a perfectly fitting, tailored suit that will make a super impression on others at professional meetings or your wedding, and you will feel comfortable.




You ask, we answer!

How much does a custom suit cost?2022-11-24T13:52:56+00:00

The price of a tailor-made suit varies from 119.000 Ft up to 350.000 Ft depending on the material. The price basically depends on the quality of the material. If you want a tailor-made waistcoat, you will have to add about 30% to the price of the suit to get the price.

Options such as embroidered lining, fabric, gold or silver buttons can of course affect the final price of the suit by 1-2%.

What is the difference between a ready-made dress and a tailor-made dress?2022-11-24T13:54:01+00:00
Ready-made dress

A ready-to-wear brand offers you a very limited number of fabrics in a unique style that you cannot customise.
Vo fáze šitia na mieru sa šaty vyrábajú v dielni bez zohľadnenia vašich morfologických vlastností, takže hrozí, že dostanete šaty, ktoré nie sú prispôsobené vašim mieram alebo potrebám. Náklady na úpravu týchto odevov môžu byť vysoké a kvalita obleku sa môže zhoršiť.

Custom tailored suit

At the tailor's, our hand-crafted, made-to-measure suits are available in thousands of fabrics, 2-button jacket, double-breasted, classic collar, notched collar, shawl collar, narrow or wide collar. High waist trousers, low waist trousers, with or without pleats.... All these products are made to measure, custom designed to your specifications.

How to choose a tailor-made suit?2022-11-24T13:54:41+00:00

There are several aspects to consider when choosing a bespoke suit:

  • the season in which you will wear your suit,
  • the occasion you'll be wearing it for,
  • the style you want (classic, slim, opulence, elaboration),
  • colours, possible partner's clothing, for consistency,
  • ideas, needs...
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