Choose from our wide selection of Olymp and Venti shirts in a wide range of sizes and styles!

"Body Fit", "Super Slim Fit" and "Modern Fit" shirts are waiting for you in our salon!

Business or casual, the shirts are characterised by fashionable design, high quality materials, outstanding comfort and easy care, and high manufacturing quality.

They are breathable and skin-friendly, made from non-iron and wrinkle-resistant or easy-to-iron materials, in a wide range of colours and patterns, in different styles and collar types, in different sleeve lengths and in up to 19 different sizes. An OLYMP or VENTI shirt is always the perfect choice for the fashion-conscious man.


It's often a question of whether to wear a T-shirt or an athletic shirt underneath. Now the answer is somewhere in between. The sleeve of the T-shirt should come right up to the shoulder seam of the shirt. That way it won't show on your arm or the inside of your collarbone.

This round or "V" neck shirt is made from a high quality stretch cotton blend. It is therefore very comfortable to wear and kind to the skin. Ideal and easy to handle companion for everyday life. It can also be worn under a T-shirt, making it a must-have for every wardrobe. Protects against unsightly sweat stains and discomfort. Provides security in summer and winter.

Fabric composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

Made to measure shirts

Business shirts are usually made with a stiff collar, rather flared, so that the edges of the shirt collar end at the collar of the suit jacket. For greater formality, you can opt for French cuffs. Business shirt fabrics: medium and light blue, white, pink, grey. Striped fabrics are also a great choice for business shirts. 

A wedding shirt is often chosen with a small flared collar to accommodate the bow tie, even a concealed neckline is preferred to hide the buttons of the wedding shirt, finally you can go for a French cuff to complement your wedding dress.
Be sure to choose a white fabric that is synonymous with the ceremony, plain or patterned in fabric to contrast with the fabric of your wedding suit. You can also choose ecru fabrics, a champagne often recommended by wedding dress designers, it also depends on the colour of the bride's dress.