A collection of tailor-made Hungarian suits for business, weddings, formal events, graduation, ribbon cutting...

Style your tailor-made suit from the thousands of fabrics in our salon!

Possible styles for a custom suit

The tailoring of your suit allows you to choose the style you want. You can search the internet for inspiration, we can reproduce the style you want, from the English style with a high waistline and distinctive coat bottoms, to the "vintage" with a high waist and generous bottom turn. The tailoring of a bespoke suit is done at all levels (collar, pocket, lining, buttons, etc.).

The measurements

In addition to the body measurements, we take into account the shoulder lines and adjust the length of the jacket accordingly. For trousers, we adjust the bottom of the trousers, the crotch and the torso to the desired fit.

To tailor the trousers, the mid-thigh is adjusted to the bottom (flat or bouncing), following the cut line of the trouser leg to take into account the size of the thigh and calf.

A tailored suit is not synonymous with a tight fit, you have the option of requesting a looser fit.