When choosing my wedding suit, I started with a rough idea of what colour and style I wanted. I also knew that I wanted to have the suit sewn for the big day, so that it wouldn't be uncomfortable and wouldn't be a size problem. Based on the good reviews, I chose and searched for the Suit House and I think I was not disappointed after receiving the suit. At the first meeting they helped me a lot in refining the style and colours. I was introduced to colours that I had never heard of before. 🙂 Any questions I had, they were willing to help. The sizing was also quick and accurate. The price of the suit was communicated in black and white from the start, there was no misleading. I was also able to get the necessary accessories for the suit (shoes, shirt, etc.). And the finished suit? It exceeded all my expectations. At the fitting, I felt comfortable and can't wait to wear it on my wedding day! Thank you for all your help, I highly recommend it to everyone!