Here's a selection of wedding suits we have created for our customers. We thank them every day for the trust they put in us!

A collection of tailored Hungarian suits for weddings, as groomsmen, best man or as part of the wedding party.

Style your tailor-made suit from the thousands of fabrics in our salon!


The five-piece suit is usually the preferred choice for newlyweds. In fact, it allows you to distinguish yourself from the rest of the guests who usually wear a two-piece suit (jacket, trousers).

The vest chosen to go with the suit is usually made of the same material as the suit. This choice allows you to stay dressed up all evening because the trousers and the waistcoat match perfectly.

It is also possible for the groom-to-be to choose a matching waistcoat, often decorated with arabesque patterns or a woven effect. A shinier fabric is also often chosen, or viscose, to contrast with the matt character of the wool. The colour chosen is usually ecru, silver, red or gold. However, it may be a matt, i.e. not shiny, material.

Of course, a different bodice is also a very good choice for a rustic wedding. But it also depends on the nature of the wedding.

For an elegant wedding, some brides and grooms choose cufflinks for the double cuffed shirt.

The tuxedo

The tuxedo is more of an Anglo-Saxon wardrobe staple, originally intended for smoking cigars, and when the lords wore out, pierced and patched the lapels of the coat, they replaced the collar.

Nowadays, it is recommended for black-tie evenings, and increasingly for brides and grooms.

The tuxedo comes in different designs, with notched collars, shawl collars. There are no loops on the trousers, because with tuxedo trousers you don't wear a belt, they are adjusted with adjusters.

Beach weddings

For weddings at home or abroad (beach weddings) in the heat of summer, we recommend suits made of linen or cotton. In two-piece form, with shortened trouser legs so that it can be worn safely even barefoot in the sand.

Common colours are combinations of off-white, beige, sky blue or light green.


It is common in marriages to try to create homogeneity among the male witnesses and attendants. This means trousers of the same colour, bow ties and shoes, possibly a full suit.